Developing capacities of imagination

Developing capacities of imagination

Developing capacities of imagination

Workshop326Kristin Berman, Phoenix Elementary Division, United States

Yangtze 1Sat 09:00 - 10:30

Balanced research and practice

Using the framework established by Lincoln Center Institute (New York) for Aesthetic Education, this workshop will present an interactive demonstration of a process that develops capacities of imagination such as deep noticing, questioning, and making connections to ideas leading to understanding and making meaning. Participants will experience different genres of arts, and learn how this promotes the strengths of gifted and twice exceptional students. Using great works of art from artists such as Chagall and Copland as entry points to curriculum not only connect to historical periods and community, but helps students embody the experiences of others, developing empathy and making meaning in deeper ways. Participants will be able to create a lesson that will encompass the components of the Lincoln Center Framework to develop the capacities of imagination, create activities that embody the meaning of a work of art, and practice the process of inquiry questioning.

Through the experiential process, participants will come to understand the purpose of aesthetic education in the development of creative teaching and learning as well as in personal growth.

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