And then I grew up…

And then I grew up…

And then I grew up...

Paper presentation79Susana Pérez-Barrera, Facultad de Ciencias de la Educacion UDE, Uruguay; Jane Farias Chagas-Ferreira, University of Brazilia, Brazilia

AsiaFri 14:00 - 15:00


We are used to immediately relating high ability/giftedness (HA/GT) to childhood or adolescence, but what happens when these people grow up? This qualitative/quantitative research aimed to investigate socio-emotional aspects of people identified as HA/GT during adulthood. This study included 96 adults aged between 18 and 71 years, mostly Latin Americans, who have answered a 27-questions online form investigating their thoughts, fears and feelings. Preliminary results showed that 40% of participants had diagnoses associated with anxiety disorder (f =16); depression (f =16); ADHD (f = 12); mood disorder (f = 9) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (f = 7). The identification as gifted persons has helped them in self-knowledge, despite mixed with feelings of surprise, relief, acceptance, joy, sadness, anger and insecurity. The results should support the actions of the Research Group on High Skills/Giftedness (GIAHSD) and to create new groups in other countries to serve this underrepresented gifted population.

Giftedness across the Lifespan
_RESEARCHERS, gifted adults, quantitative/qualitative study, socioemotional aspects
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