Conference fees

 All rates are TAX exempt

Student (full-time)
ECHA Member
ECHA NL Member *
Non Member
Pre-conference (ECHA/ECHA NL Member)
Pre-conference (Non Member)
Pre-conference (ECHA/ECHA NL Member)

Only morning or only afternoon

Pre-conference (Non Member)

Only morning or only afternoon

* The Dutch ECHA Association uses its surpluses from 2020 and 2021 for an additional discount of € 40 for all of its members.

The fee for the three day conference includes admission to all presentations, conference materials, digital conference programme, welcome reception, lunches on Thursday and Friday, teas and coffees. The conference fee does not include travel and accommodation.

In addition to the conference you may register for the pre-conference, the gala dinner @the beach, a to-go lunch on Saturday and the social programme activities on Thursday and Saturday at additional charges.

Groups (5 persons minimum) can be registered together in order to receive one invoice. 

Students full-time enrolled in a college or university can register as a student for the reduced rate. However, students with a regular income like: part-time students, post-doctoral students, PhD candidates, or trainees are NOT eligible for the discounted student rate, as they do not meet the requirements above. Proof of status from the institute verifying full-time status is required to process your application.

€ 395
€ 595
€ 555
€ 645
€ 175
€ 225
€ 100
€ 125

The pre-conference is on Wednesday 31 August and offers a great programme with in-depth workhops by leading experts in the field.

You can register for the pre-conference in addition to your registration for the conference. If you have already registered, you can send an email to have the pre-conference added to your registration.

If you do not participate in the conference, you can also only register for the pre-conference.

Registration is possible for all day, morning only or afternoon only.

Welcome reception
The welcome reception on Wednesday 31 August is free of charge for conference participants, but registration is required. Please note that there are limited places available.

To prevent waste, we only ask you to register for the reception if you actually participate. If you have registered for the reception and are unexpectedly unable to attend, please inform us as soon as possible.


Gala dinner @the beach

As conference participant you can sign up for the gala dinner on Friday 2 September for an additional fee of € 115 (including beverages all evening and entertainment). The dinner takes place on the beach of Scheveningen, where you enjoy excellent food, have drinks included all evenening, watch the sun set in the Noordzee and have great company.

You can register for the gala dinner @the beach in addition to your registration for the conference. If you have already registered, you can send an email to have the gala dinner added to your registration.

Social programme

There are wonderful excursions to choose from at the social programme on Thursday 1 September and on Saturday 3 September. The social programme activities can be signed up for by attendees who registered for the conference at an additional charge. Please click here for all activities you can join.

You can register for the social activities in addition to your registration for the conference. If you have already registered, you can send an email to have the social activities of your choice added to your registration.

Lunch to-go

With your registration for the conference, you can order a to-go lunch for Saturday 3 September at additional charge to take with you on your way to the social post-conference activities or to consume on your way elsewhere.

Invitation letter

We are more than happy to send you an invitation letter. Invitations letters are only sent after you have registered and we have received your payment for the conference. Please email to as soon as you have registered and paid, so we can send you the invitation letter.

Changes in your registration
If you wish to change your registration, please send a detailed email to
If change concerns adjusting the invoice, €50 of administration costs will be charged in addition to the original price as mentioned on the invoice.



If you are unable to attend, a substitute, if not already registered for the conference, is welcome. Please send an email to with your substitute in CC with the following information about your substitute: full name, function, name of the organisation, email address and telephone number.


There are no charges for the adjustment of the transfer of your registration. The payment obligation is transferred to your substitute. If you have already paid for your registration, we kindly request you to settle this with your substitute.



Cancellation your registration can only be done by email to


The following will be charged in case of cancellation:
Until 30 March 2022: Bank and credit card charges and € 50 administrative fees
Until 30 June 2022: 50% of total registration
From 1 July 2022: No refund


In the event of a no-show, the payment obligation remains. In the event of payment on account, the claim will remain unchanged in the event of cancellation.